World Clean Day

On this World Clean Up Day 15th September 2018, Harela Society Pithoragarh is conducting a Clean Up Drive along with environmental awareness programme with 1000+ youths, Local citizens, teachers, students around the city.

Volunteers of Harela Society will be running clean-up drives and awareness activities parallelly in other Indian cities Hyderabad, Delhi, and Dehradun.

Please come forward and be part of this drive. If you want to join us for the event please contact in the below-given details.

Ranjan : +91 9756010527
Anil : +91 9997826125
Kapil : +91 9760512234

PS: If you are not in Pithoragarh and want to volunteer Harela Society on this Mega World Clean Up Day…Don’t Miss it! Organise a small clean Up activity with your friends’ and other localities in your area. Later you can share pictures with us.

About World Clean Up Day

On 15th September Millions of volunteers in 150 countries uniting to clean up the world in a single day. Be part of the biggest civic action in human history, and help launch a cleaner future.

Be part of the biggest civic action in human history. Let’s Clean the World In One Day

For more info:

  • Hosted By:

    Harela Society

  • Location:

    Rajkiya Kanya Ucchtar Madymik Vidhyala Bajeti, Pithoragarh

  • Event Date

    15 Sept

  • Sponsor

    Harela Society