Kabaad Se Jugaad

HARELA Society is a non-profit organization based in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, which focuses on to develop the local models of nature conservation based on community participation, traditional knowledge, and applied science. We at HARELA, believe in providing a community-based platform for the enthusiasts who wish to bring about a change in their society in terms of environmental and personal well-being. The modus operandi involves a strong, competent and dedicated team of volunteers directed at executing the various activities that HARELA deals with. Through continuous nurturing, deliberation and mentorship, we aim to instill a strong sense of companionship, belongingness and responsive outlook among our volunteers towards environmental issues. Our team driven with such values, carry out various activities with utmost motivation and exuberance which in turn spreads awareness and brings in fresh hands to shoulder our cause. Since its formation, we have been successful in sensitising the young volunteers towards the local as well as global environmental aspects. The Society has been active in bringing forth the local environmental issues and had dealt them diligently. We have constructed the path for the youth on which they are building a progressive and environment-friendly life-style. Since the last 5-years, HARELA has been nurturing the youth who are zealous and sentient towards the environment and live by the motto “एकम इति भमू मिः” – Only 1 earth. We are proud that the young HARELA army is not only just aware but is putting its conscious efforts in their day to day life, for the better and greener tomorrow

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    Nagar Palika Hall, Pithoragarh

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    05 June

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