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Terms and Conditions

Fee should be deposited to society’s account by cash/ cheque/ net banking. Details of the account are as follows:

  • Account name : Harela society
  • Account number : 32673106130
  • Branch: SBI main branch Pithoragarh
  • Branch code : 700
  • IFSC Code: SBIN0000700
Membership Rules:
1 Membership categories:
There are two categories of membership:
Annual and Five Year (Core members have to join as a 5 year
member compulsorily while for others it is optional 5 Year, Annual or as a Volunteer).
2 Fee Structure: Annual fee is also 1000/- and 5 years fee is 2000/-
3 Volunteership : For doing volunteership at Harela society, there is an annual fee of Rs 500/-.
4 Please note whenever you do any payment please notify us at or just a message through SMS or whatsapp at +91 9897470369
5 Once fee is submitted, all the members and volunteers, will get a Harela Tshirt and 40 % discount in every Harela merchandise.
6 6. As donor or supporter you can donate us any amount or services. A part from direct monitory support you can also donate us laptops, binoculars, vehicle, camera, lens, field equipment etc. Or you can also sponsor our individual events and programs. Before any such support please contact us through email at or give us a direct call at +91 9897470369 (Whatsapp). You can also leave a message at our facebook page
Membership Rules:
1 All who opt for a membership are automatically considered as volunteer too.
2 Members of core committee will have to get a membership for five years, compulsorily.
3 Any member who wants to contest for next Governing body selection must be a five years member.
4 Renewal of the membership will be counted from the date when last membership ends.
5 Renewal should be asked by the members within three months of the completion of previous membership, otherwise the person will have to enter as a new member.
6 Right of entry as member is reserved to the Governing board of the society.
7 If a member violates rules and bylaws of the HARELA society or works against the mandates and objectives of HARELA society.
8 Data, Designs, Photographs, videos, interviews, reports, instruments, devices or anything else collected or developed during any event or activity, Harela society reserves its full rights to use them for the purpose of conservation (all credits will be given to the concerned person). Person who had initially created that work, he or she has full rights to use them for their own personal use (given that they inform the organization in written). That particular work can’t be sold, purchased or used for any other organization. To do so, one has to have a written permission from President/Secretary or Communication team head of Harela Society.
9 In the following circumstances, membership will be ended by the immediate effect
a. Paranoia
b. Declared bankrupt
c. Engaged in social crime
8. Membership rules can be changed on the agreement of Governing board.