Our Vision

” A shared responsibility and contribution by everyone to maintain the co-existence of human and nature. “

Our Mission

” To develop the local models of nature conservation based on community participation,traditional knowledge and applied science; and disseminate the learning for a global cause. “

Welcome To
Harela Society

About Us

Harela Scoiety is a non-profit organization in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India. It was registered (2/2012-1013) under society registration act 1060E, as a society in April 2012 aiming to work nationwide on environment issues. Harela Society presently works in Uttarakhand, Delhi & Hyderabad.

Harela Society focuses on to develop, encourage and support local models of nature and environment conservation. It believes in the approach of Reconciliation Ecology and continuously working on building spatial relationship and environment for local communities, wildlife and its habitat in Himalayan region with the support and partnership with different communities, organizations and governments across the country. It has been working on various issues related to environment, education and sustainable livelihood options in many villages and cities of Uttarakhand, Delhi & Andhra Pradesh.

“Harela” the word symbolizes greenery with prosperity in its root. It is one of the major festival in Uttarakhand to mark the advent of rainy season and new harvest by planting trees.

Our Objectives

  • To innovate, learn and apply the concepts, methods and techniques favoring conservation of nature, ecosystems and wildlife with the consideration of meeting the needs of local communities.
  • To network with Community based organizations (CBOs), Government agencies and organizations, groups and individuals working for similar goals.
  • To impart the understanding of ecological reconciliation and scientific information among the stakeholders by using and managing natural resources ( e.g. – CBOs, government authorities ) .
  • To gather and promote the use of traditional knowledge in the benefit of nature and people.
  • To ensure the spreading of knowledge and experience earned through our work for global use.